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Workplaces today are becoming increasingly more diverse, and globalization is creating business opportunities all over the world. Today, chances are you are either working with, supervising, or doing business with individuals who have a very different cultural orientation than you do.

And you might be turning people off. Sometimes a handshake, a little joke, or a tone of voice can offend a client.

Very often, top talent that would help your company increase business is overlooked. When hiring new staff, companies tend to look for the "best fit." That means someone who looks like them, thinks like them and behaves like them. No wonder companies are having a hard time getting their employees to "think outside of the box." How can they when they are all in the same box?

Diversity is a fact of business. That's not going to change. What has to change is how you understand social and cultural differences so you can avoid misunderstandings and create productive and profitable workplaces.

As the President and CEO of Mastering Cultural Differences, I design and implement customized programs for organizations that want team members to understand cultural differences and work well across those differences. My goal is to help clients create environments where all individuals feel included and can thrive. As a researcher and writer, I provide insight into differences impacting today's culturally diverse workplaces and identify best practices and solutions for increased performance in a global economy.

Luiza Dreasher

President and CEO

Proven Results


After working with me, individuals:

  • Report a deeper understanding of social and cultural differences impacting their organizations.
  • Feel better equipped to work with culturally diverse clients and colleagues thus avoiding costly misunderstandings.
  • Learn to eliminate biased thinking.
  • Recognize the impact of microaggression and learn to facilitate difficult conversations.
  • Feel better prepared to create more profitable, productive, and truly inclusive organizations.

Mastering Cultural Differences Workshop Series


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Academy

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding diversity and making it work.
  • Recognizing the impact of microaggressions in the workplace.
  • Recognizing the impact of unconscious bias.
  • How to facilitate difficult conversations in a productive manner.
  • Improving race relations in the workplace.
  • Strategies for creating diverse, equitable, and truly inclusive organizations.
  • How to be an inclusive leader.

The Global Academy

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding culture and how it influences our behavior.
  • Cultural differences impacting today's global organizations.
  • Recognizing differences in communication styles.
  • Understanding differences in nonverbal behavior.
  • Skills you need to work more effectively across differences.
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"Luiza is a knowledgeable presenter who brings sincerity, positivity, and enthusiasm to her work! Luiza’s classes were very engaging and the in-class exercises had a wonderful way of helping attendees cultivate empathy. Her focused approach to complex Diversity & Inclusion topics ensured that her material was facilitated in a personal and accessible way."

Jordan Groebner
Director of Training and Development | MN Department of Public Safety

"Luiza combines expert knowledge and empathy into creating a learning experience where her participants walk away with new perspectives and practical knowledge. She navigates these important conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion in a way that invites the learner to be curious and open. Luiza is able to take these complex and sensitive topics and make them relatable. She uses multiple methodologies to engage her learners and leaves them with ideas and tools that can be immediately applied within their organization and teams. I would recommend Luiza without hesitation to anyone looking to expand their awareness and understanding of how we become more welcoming and inclusive of all."

Jennifer Klapak
Director of Training | Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

"Luiza is an outstanding diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural competence consultant, trainer, writer and researcher. She partners with The Winters Group to provide thought leadership to the field writing on such topics as race, gender, cultural appropriation, and many others. Her perspectives are well-researched and provide invaluable education and practical tools to advance the field."

Mary-Frances Winters
President & CEO | The Winters Group, Inc.





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